Twelve Signs You’re Not a Millennial Traveler

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Courtesy: National Park Service

By Elisabeth Greenberg and Stephanie Ortigoza

Are you still using a timer to take a selfie?

Chances are you’re not a millennial traveler.

Here are 12 more clues that you’re not a member of Generation Y:

1. You can still perfect the fold on your Triple A  roadmap.

2. You can’t tear yourself away from your paperback to upload your vacation photos to Facebook.

3. You think fanny packs are more fashionable than backpacks.

4. You get pumped to rebook with Eldertreks.

5. The only ones tweeting on your trip are the birds.

6. You don’t freak out when you realize you’ve forgotten your phone charger.

7. You still think the disposable camera was a neat invention.

8. Your idea of an extreme adventure is riding the elevator to the top of the Washington Monument.

9. You rely on a phrase book to look up the word “app” in another language.

10. Your idea of photo sharing is whipping out the slide projector when guests come over.

11. You think Johnny Jet is a cartoon character.

12.  Your outfit of choice is Bermuda shorts with socks and sandals.

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Weigh in below on other traits that show “Y” you are not a next gen traveler!

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