Jennifer Ceaser, Writer

Jennifer Ceaser is a freelance travel writer and editor who has contributed to Afar, Bloomberg Pursuits, Wine Enthusiast, Fodor’s, Conde Nast Traveller UK, Frommers and more. She’s the former editor at Islands magazine and one-time deputy editor of travel and home at the New York Post. She has traveled extensively  in Europe, and also knows a thing or two about Mexico and the Caribbean. Home sweet home is Brooklyn, New York.

Laura Lippstone, Writer

Journalist Laura Lippstone has been traveling since her teens, when she would gaze at the ocean at the Jersey Shore and vow to discover what was beyond the horizon. She recently took a round-the-world trip with just a carry-on, chronicled on her blog,

She’s also lived her own version of Crocodile Dundee in Australia, gone marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas, glacier climbing in New Zealand, and tooled around Alaska in a bush plane. She’s worked at MSNBC, The Travel Channel, TIME, and Australia’s equivalent of the PBS NewsHour; and freelances for The Huffington Post and many other venues.