courtesy: Swale

For the second year, a food forest sprouting from an 80-foot long barge will be floating around New York City through the fall.

From Manhattan, to Brooklyn, to the Bronx, the sustainability project called Swale will drift by your neighborhood with specific stops through November 15th.

In association with Strongbow, Swale brings nature’s bounty to New York’s concrete jungle, featuring an apple orchard and perennial garden, an oasis amidst skyscrapers that will be pushing off on April 20th.

Swale’s first port will be Hudson River Park at Pier 25, through June 15th when it floats to Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6, for a stay through August 1st.

courtesy: Swale

The third port is Concrete Plant Park, in the Bronx from August 1 through November 15.  Admission is free for just 75 visitors at a time. Swale is available for workshops, private parties and functions.

Position yourself under a tree in the orchard and enjoy an apple in the Big Apple.