Photo Credit: Tadeu Brunelli

Now that Grand Hyatt Baha Mar has finally, officially, opened in Nassau, what’s it going to cost you to wriggle your toes in the sand surrounding it?

We’re seeing rates as low as $330 per night this summer, and while it’s not a big, big bargain,  it’s affordable enough to give you bragging rights with your instagram friends for sure.

What do you get for that rate? The chance to be among the first to dive into one of its many pools, grab a drink at a swim-up bar, and marvel as you safely distance yourself from all the amazing sea creatures in the aquariums.

Grand Hyatt is huge, and is the first phase of what is being touted as the largest hotel development in the Western Hemisphere.

The press release says the 1,800-room resort boasts more than 20 dining outlets,  with the largest casino in the Caribbean and the only ESPA spa in the Caribbean.

What’s the Deal? 

Okay, it bugs me that they consider the Bahamas the Caribbean, but if you’re going to brag, you better brag big. And this place was mired in so much drama from the get-go, that you’ll earn props for being among the very first to leave a TripAdvisor review.

If you consider that airfares to Nassau are under $200 round trip this summer–it softens the pinch of the nightly rate, that is bound to only increase once this development gets on the radar of tropical jetsetters.