Virtuoso advisors polled in a new survey say that while Millennials have “held court as the leading force in the travel industry,” Gen Zers (the generation born between 1990s to early 2000’s) are moving into 40 percent of all consumers with disposable income to travel.

Virtuoso’s survey of Gen Z travelers also ID’d the “Top 10 Hottest Family Destinations” among those surveyed.  They are: Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, Orlando, England, Costa Rica, South Africa, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic and Australia.

The survey also ID’d the “Top 10 Unconventional Family Destinations”: Iceland, Africa, Antarctica, Cuba, Galapagos Islands, The Arctic, India, Russia, Japan and Vietnam.

GenZers, the survey says, are more inclined to spend money on “far-flung” destinations and do things like whale-watching and kayaking in Greenland but they are also more like to spend money on things like boutique hotels than younger AirBnB-centric travelers.

In 2016 a Skift survey said that it takes 8 seconds for a Gen Zer to process information and make an online booking travel decision so visual marketing, online peer recommendations and a quick booking system will be key to getting this affluent group to commit to a trip.

While GenZers and Millennials are closest to the heart of travel marketers, they would be wise not to ignore the tried and true Baby Boomers.

In 2015, AARP reported that more than 90 percent of employed Boomers got paid vacation every year and 99 percent of Boomers surveyed by AARP said they’d travel for leisure in 2016.