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Mind Your Manners When Traveling, Expert Says

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Mind Your Manners When Traveling, Expert Says
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It didn’t take a blizzard to convince us that travel can really try our patience. But how do we not let it get under our skin? NY1’s Valarie D’Elia filed the following report.

Hardened New Yorkers might scoff at being nice just for the sake of it, but look at it this way, says Manners Expert Thomas Farley: there just might be something in it for you.

“Say you’re traveling on an airplane and you want that free upgrade or you want the exit row maybe, the extra leg room, you’re gonna get it if you’re nice,” says Farley.

Now, how do you tune out that crying baby? “It’s not like the baby is making a conscious decision to disturb everybody,” says Farley.

Wait a minute, it sounds like you are about to give parents a pass. “This ‘Well, sorry there’s nothing I can do, it’s my child and I can’t control him or her.’ That might fly at home, but it doesn’t fly when you’re flying,” says Farley.

Airplanes aren’t the only mode of transport that derail good manners. There’s also something about a train and monopolizing the seats.

“Put the luggage in the overhead bin because it’s only going to create problems later on when you’ve got more passengers coming on. You gotta do that crazy fandango of shuffling and getting your luggage up,” says Farley.

Farley blames today’s culture for making us more distracted. “We’re all into our texts so much, that we’re not focusing on our manners and that’s not a deliberate thing, but it’s an unfortunate side effect,” says Farley.

Farley says it’s all a matter of old-fashioned etiquette.

“I think the core of all manners comes down to three things, it’s saying ‘please,’ ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ and knowing when to use them,” says Farley.

So here goes: please keep that kid quiet, thank you for moving your bag, and sorry if you don’t like it. Oh well, it might take some practice.

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