courtesy: Club Getaway

By Lena Inglis

Endless days of sunshine-filled playtime, hearty meals, with fun activities and relaxation in the great outdoors.

Who wouldn’t want part of that sweet deal?

Luckily, summer camps aren’t just for kids anymore— many families are seeking more time together. Family camps (and new takes on the trend with grand camps and mommy-daughter camps) are not your typical family vacation.

“Camps are equipped to have activities and programs that really bring people together more so than hotels and traditional vacations do.” say Katherine Firestone, the founder of the Fireborn Institute, which is a non-profit that provides parents with clear, practical, and easy-to-remember strategies to help their children thrive in school both socially and academically.

“At family camp, you get to spend time with your family, and then also every member of the family gets to go out and make real relationships with other people their own age. There aren’t a lot of other opportunities to do that as a family. So I think there is value in family camp.” Katherine added.

For more information on family camps in the New York City area, click here.

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