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Live and Learn With Williamsburg Historic Triangle Trip

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Live and Learn With Williamsburg Historic Triangle Trip
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Three historic towns in Virginia are offering a commonwealth of knowledge to visitors this summer. NY1’s Valarie D’Elia filed the following report.

A trip to the historic triangle of Jamestowne, Williamsburg and Yorktown in Virginia offers visitors the opportunity to learn without the homework.

“This isn’t even 20 miles. You can get the entire story of the beginning of America and in the end what it means to be an American,” says Colonial Williamsburg Lead Historian Taylor Stoermer.

The area’s 20 mile stretch features two centuries of living American history connected by a scenic parkway.

Time travel back to 1607 starting with America’s birthplace in Historic Jamestowne and a visit to the adjoining museums at Jamestown settlement, America’s first permanent English colony.

At the museum pier, board replicas of the ships that brought the first colonists to Virginia.

Next, immerse yourself in the “Revolutionary City” of Colonial Williamsburg circa 1775 with its interactive programs and period trade shops along America’s very first main street.

Wind up with a victory lap to Yorktown, where independence was won and a new nation born. Take in all of the 17th and 18th century history, surrounded by 21st century comforts. They include golfing, shopping and pampering with hotel choices that I found on a media visit to be both family and pet-friendly, including the historic Williamsburg Inn, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Williamsburg is about a seven hour drive or Amtrak train ride from New York City. Flights arrive at three Williamsburg area airports.

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