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Get Crabby On Chesapeake Bay With Maryland Blues

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Get Crabby On Chesapeake Bay With Maryland Blues
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Chesapeake Bay is the perfect place for those looking to net a little adventure this summer. NY1’s Valarie D’Elia filed the following report.

Captain Wade Murphy and his fellow crabbers have to get up very early to take in their haul during Maryland Blue Crab season.

“I like being my own boss, being out on the water, it’s a beautiful day,” says Murphy.

On a recent media visit to the Talbot County area, I find out it’s a lot harder and more fun than it looks to run a trot line and net the crabs.

“You have to measure the crab point to point, this time of the year they have to be five and a quarter [inches],” explains Murphy.

On Tilghman Island, four hour trips with a commercial crabber leave from Harrison’s Sport Fishing for $100 a person, and you get to take home a half bushel basket or ask the restaurant will steam them for you.

Should you simply want to try the crabs without all the fuss of catching them, you’ll need a crash course in crab eating 101.

It seems you can have crabs any which way you like in these parts and in nearby Dorchester County, at the family-friendly Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, they dedicate two weeks at the end of August to everything crabby.

Maryland’s Eastern Shore is located about a four hour drive from New York City.

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