courtesy: Contiki

Hey you free-spirits and wanderlusters! Check out the tour operator Contiki, catering to globetrotters between the ages of 18-35.

No matter what your travel type, there are various tours and trips to choose from, currently offering 15% off specific itineraries. Just the incentive you might need to take the leap and channel your inner adventurer.

Move quickly because this offer ends on May 2nd,  and save a good chunk of change while traveling through trending destinations!

We are talking a savings up to $950 for Prague, Amalfi Coast, or Australia. Spend your summer break discovering a new country, eating delicious food, and meeting travelers alike. The deals are good for travel dates up to December 2017.

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WHAT’S THE DEAL? This deal gets Val’s approval because Contiki is a well-priced travel company designed specifically for twenty-and thirty-somethings that does away with the stigma that tour operators are “totally uncool.”