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Chesapeake Bay Area Ice Cream Can’t Be Licked

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Chesapeake Bay Area Ice Cream Can’t Be Licked
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We all scream for ice cream, but you can also learn a little history about the classic frozen treat as well along Virginia and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. NY1’s Valarie D’Elia filed the following report.

One of the best ways to savor the last licks of summer is to travel through the Chesapeake bay area.

At Doumar’s BBQ (, the cones for the ice cream are warm and packed with history.

“I’ve got the best tasting ice cream cone you’ve ever tasted in your life,” says Albert Doumar of Doumar’s BBQ. “That great American treat began in St. Louis in 1904. It was there that my uncle, Abe Doumar, had the brilliant idea of rolling a wafer into a scoop and filling it with ice cream.”

Uncle Abe, from Hoboken, designed a four waffle iron and set up a stand a year later in Coney Island.

Now operating as a third-generation business in Norfolk, Virginia, Doumar’s is a retro BBQ drive-in, selling 800 cones a day and other creamy favorites.

“You have to have the thin chocolate milk shake in the glass. You can’t do it in the Styrofoam cup, that’s tradition,” says a Doumar’s customer.

Folks on Maryland’s Eastern Shore don’t think twice about taking the quick ferry over to Oxford for a treat at the Scottish Highland Creamery ( Owned by a Scottish chap who learned the biz from an Italian family, Victor Barlow dons his kilt when he’s making special appearances.

On a hot day, he’s asked about the temperature under his kilt. “It depends on the breeze, I need a good quality breeze.”

About 15 minutes from Oxford is the historic little town of St. Michael’s home to Justine’s (, an ice cream shop known for shaking things up.

“The most outrageous shake we do is the mudslide shake. It is espresso chip ice cream, blended with a shot of espresso, hot fudge, fudge Oreo topped with whipped cream,” says a Justine’s employee.

It helps make Maryland an even merrier land.

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