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Alpaca Farm Among Fall Attractions On Martha’s Vineyard

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Alpaca Farm Among Fall Attractions On Martha’s Vineyard
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Martha’s Vineyard in the off-season is cooler, but that’s fine for the 70 Alpaca at one Vineyard Farm.

Besides more affordable airfares and discounted hotels and rentals, a sure sign of fall on Martha’s Vineyard is the seaside goldenrod sprouting from the dunes along the earthy Aquinnah Cliffs.

It’s a perfect environment for these hardy plants, easily thriving in the full-on sun, salt and sand.

It seems the weather cools down in a blink of an eye on the Vineyard after Labor Day and a herd of 70 Alpaca like it that way. Located on a 19-acre farm on Vineyard Haven, Island Alpaca is one of the quirkier places to take the family.

You can simply visit the farm for a $5 donation and observe the curious characters that originate in the Andes of South America, or take part in an ‘Alpaca Discovery.’ For $25, visitors eight and up can spend the morning interacting one-on-one with the alpaca you will get to know by name. There’s even an opportunity to take one for a walk!

With Christmas coming, browse the wide range of Alpaca fleece merchandise, or how about this: a D’Elia’s Deal no less.

“We are having a two-for-one sale, so they are very affordable to get, if you want them for pets, you can usually get a pair for under $2,000, sometimes even under $1,000. Very gentle, sweet, docile animals and they don’t bark and they don’t bite,” said Barbara Ronchetti, owner of Island Alpaca.

Finally, a great way to end the day is with the legendary sunset in Menemsha.

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