courtesy: David Rulon

courtesy: David Rulon

by Sheila Haya

Solo and ready to mingle? Travelers wandering without company have so many questions.

Among them are:

Am I ready to discover a place that I’ve always wanted to go? Am I prepared to bring my bucket list and check things off one by one? Worried that I won’t have anyone to travel with and will be bored?

Don’t fret, here’s the answer!

Travelers flying solo are increasing and many of them are women. While these travelers may not be single in the traditional sense, it hasn’t stopped them from leaving their partners behind and taking on a journey to meet new people, creating memories and friendships along the way.

According to Overseas Adventure Travel, women are breaking records for solo travel, with bookings increasing from 27% in 2010 to 40% or higher in 2016. Some of the top five places OAT says women are traveling to are India, Southeast Asia, Botswana, and Patagonia.

Another popular way to travel alone is by sea. Although singles cruising is sometimes typecast as people desperate to find love, or party hard, that’s rarely the case. According to the majority of guests are more interested in finding new travel buddies to feed their appetite for adventure.

Home sharing platforms also provide a comfortable atmosphere for solo travelers with the opportunity to interact with homeowners and their families for a truly local experience.

In fact,, a booking site that requires homeowners be present during the rental, claims that a full 80% of their guests travel alone.

Before booking with one of these platforms, be sure to read the reviews left by previous guests, and get acquainted with the host through messages and video chats before checking in.

Sheila Haya is a student at Baruch College and an intern for this site.